Cases and Issues

Fighting for Economic Opportunity

The Kirkwood Institute is suing to prevent the state from standing in the way of people earning an honest living. Occupational licensing laws are harmful to all Iowans. Read more.

Eyebrow Threading

Keeping Government Honest

The Kirkwood Institute is holding State Auditor Rob Sand accountable by suing for access to public records. Read more.

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Protecting Iowa's Elections

Our voting system should promote confidence by making sure every eligible voter can participate and that the process is transparent. Kirkwood Institute worked with law makers to improve Iowa's election laws. Read more.


Protecting Free Speech on Campus

The Kirkwood Institute fought to protect a University of Iowa graduate student from having his First Amendment rights violated. Read more.

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Reforming Open Enrollment

All Iowa school children deserve the same opportunity to succeed. That's why Kirkwood Institute worked to reform Iowa's open enrollment laws to help people like Maria. Read more.